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With all its background and geological, climatic, ecological, historical and political characteristics, La Marta offers valuable and inexhaustible research opportunities in any of the areas of the natural and social sciences.

In particular, the possibility of discovering hundreds of species of flora and fauna, and also studying the altitudinal migration that many species of birds and mammals are making in both directions in La Marta, which could be a sign of threats and abrupt changes in the climate and the atmosphere in general.

Since 2020, La Marta offers national and foreign researchers from different disciplines a base of operations with advantages and very favorable logistical conditions to develop their scientific and academic projects.


Discovering wildlife and protecting it was the objective of the agreement that The Refuge established with the Biology Department of the Nazarene University of Point Mola, California, with which, from 2012 to 2020, 7 camera traps were placed along the trails, in strategic places, leaving La Marta a large amount of very valuable information for ecological purposes.

La Marta is currently in negotiations with a conservation organization from the Czech Republic in order to re-establish a monitoring system with more camera traps.