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Simply spectacular, we must take more advantage of the natural beauties that we have in this small country, nothing to envy from other countries.

Félix Guerrero

A super beautiful place, professional and friendly staff. The place is well cared for, it is a pleasure to walk on the trails.

Floribeth Salguera

For those who like nature and walking, it is a very beautiful place, we did not complete the tour, but that way we were left with the perfect excuse to return.

Marisol Araya


We couldn´t miss getting not to get up at dawn with the singing of hummingbirds and other birds; I had to observe the spectacle that the darkness of the night had kept for me as a precious gift and I was not mistaken, the mist gave way to the mountains and there I met La Marta.

Rónald Gamboa Venegas

La Marta allows you to free yourself from so many worries, from day-to-day stress, from the complications that we as human beings have and simply be one with nature that day. For me, that is the magic of the La Marta Wildlife Refuge.

Prof. Juliana Porras