Natural Trails

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Natural trails

The Refuge has more than 17 kilometers of marked natural trails, which allow you to observe the richness of La Marta, some lead to natural river pools, waterfalls and forests. These trails range from low intensity to high level, with routes of half an hour or up to more than 8 hours, depending on what the visitor is looking for.

Through our La Marta ridge path, after an approximate journey of 4 km, you will be able to reach the La Mina Lookout Point, from where you can see the valley in its maximum splendor surrounded by thousands of shades of green.

Our lookout point inspires nature lovers with the scenic beauty that it allows to appreciate. Located at the top of Cerro La Mina, a former carbide mine, it consists of a 6-meter-high roofed wooden platform, from where you can almost fully appreciate the Refuge and landscapes of the adjacent areas, including the Central Volcanic mountain range and the Turrialba Volcano.

We also have routes ranging from 600 meters for an easy walk in the historic area, to routes with intensity levels of 1 (flat) to 5 (slope of 45 degrees or more).

On our trails, you can admire rivers, pools, landscapes, nature, history and undoubtedly enjoy the peace of contact with nature.

Map of trails and points of interest: