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Enjoy your stay:

Rustic shelter El Tucán

Located right at the entrance of the Refuge, the hostel has enough space to host up to 20 people, in 4 rooms with bunkbeds. It has a battery of shared bathrooms and sanitary services.

The corridors of the hostel allow looking at impressive views towards the greenery of La Marta, and in the mornings, it is possible to observe a large number of birds and different types of animals that approach. You can cook at the hostel, but you have to pay an additional charge for the use of cooking gas.

For groups larger than 15 people, meals are offered. This is the only point of the refuge that has electricity.

Camping Area

The Refuge has covered camping areas, equipped with drinking water, showers, a grill for cooking and a sink, restrooms and a path with easy access to the river. Surrounded by nature, perfect for that contact and disconnection with the outside world. Sunrise next to the river with the sounds of the mountain is undoubtedly one of the greatest camping experiences.

We have fireplaces in the ranches, you can bring your charcoal or buy loads of firewood at the entrance to the Refuge.

If you want to camp outdoors, without a ranch, you can still do so in the designated areas and for cooking, you can bring your gas stove or make use of the wood stove in the community kitchen. This same is also available for those who visit us just to spend the day.